• Visit 4 Islands of the Yaeyama Archipelago: Ishigaki Island, Taketomi Island, Iriomote Island, Yubu Island
  • Deluxe Tour: 2 nights’ accommodation in our recommended resorts
  • Direct flight to Ishigaki Airport from Haneda Airport



Take an easy direct flight from Haneda Airport to Ishigaki Airport. On arrival you will be picked up by your private coach, which will take you the first stop of the tour, the Banna Observation Deck, which sits atop a lush green hill in the middle of island. Here, you will enjoy panoramic views of Ishigaki Island, and the surrounding islands of Obama, Iriomote, and Taketomi.

After this your coach will take you to the Minsa Silk Workshop. Here, you can see how the local craftsmen produce silk, a tradition of the island which stretches back 100s of years. There is also a craft shop, if you would like to buy some of the exquisite silk products.

In the evening, you will enjoy a delicious fusion of Japanese and Okinawan cuisine at local restaurant Mifune. The menu will include different varieties of pork, including Okinawan Abu pork, and a hotpot of local island vegetables.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Art Hotel Ishigaki Island or similar

Hotel Art Hotel Ishigaki Island or similar


After breakfast at your hotel, you will travel by private coach to Ishigaki Port, where you will take a take a boat to Iriomote Island. On arrival, you will transfer onto a pleasure boat which will show you the natural splendour of the Nakama River Mangrove Forest, the largest mangrove forest in Japan, and home to many curious flora and fauna. After this, you will be taken by private coach to Mihara. There, you will be pulled along in a water buffalo-drawn carriage through the shallow tides to Yubu Island, a botanical garden island paradise just off the coast of Iriomote covered in subtropical vegetation and colourful flowers, which you will have some time to explore and have lunch.

Following this, you will travel back to Ohara Port, where you will board a boat which will take you to Taketomi Island. On Taketomi Island you will travel by private coach to a beautiful star-sand beach where you will briefly stop to examine a wonderful natural phenomenon where the sand granules of the beach are in the shape of stars. Then your coach will take you to your next destination, Taketomi Village, in the middle of the island, which is famous for preserving the traditional architecture of old Okinawa, with sandy streets, red-tiled roofs, and striking clay statutes of guardian lions at every house.

At the end of the day, you will travel back to Ishigaki Island, by private coach and boat, and for dinner, you will eat at a restaurant which specialises in local Yaeyama cuisine.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Art Hotel Ishigaki Island or similar

Hotel Art Hotel Ishigaki Island or similar


In the morning, after breakfast, you will be taken by private coach to Kabira Bay, one of the most beautiful locations on the island, with perfect white sand beaches, clear blue water, and small islets dotted all around. A glass-bottom boat will take you on a short tour of the bay, so you’ll be able to see the beautiful and interesting wildlife underneath the waves as well. Kabira Bay is famous for its pearls, so we have included a visit to a pearl shop on the tour.  After this, we will make a short visit to the Ishigaki Pottery Studio, where stunning examples of Okinawan pottery, famous for its striking blue colour, reminiscent of the ocean, are on display, and can be bought as well.

Next, your private coach will take you to Ishigaki Yaima Village, a fun and interesting historical theme park. There are squirrel monkeys running around everywhere, which are very cute and friendly, and a village has been preserved as it would have been hundreds of years ago, with lots of information on the ecology and history of Ishigaki island. Here, you will enjoy a traditional lunch of Ishigaki soba noodles.

On the way to the airport, you will have a quick stop at the Ishigaki Island Shopping Plaza, for any last-minute souvenirs. Finally, your private coach will take you to Ishigaki Airport, where you will take a direct flight back to Haneda Airport.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel

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