Nosappu Cape


  • Discover the hidden natural beauty of Hokkaido
  • Embark on a boat cruise to see the dramatic coastline of the Shiretoko Peninsula
  • Explore on foot the bird paradise of the Notsuke Peninsula
  • Guided tour through Kushiro Marshlands National Park – including a trip on the peaceful Norokko train
  • Hot spring hotels on 2 nights
  • Dinner on the 3rd night, a seafood barbeque feast, including fresh local oysters, mackerel pike, scallops, and fatty salmon.



After arriving in Hokkaido, at either Memanbetsu, Nakashitsu, or Kushiro Airports, you will travel by private coach to the Uramashu observation deck, located in the Akan Mashu National Park, which overlooks the crystal clear Lake Mashu, and Mount Kamui. Your private coach will then take you to the hauntingly beautiful Mount Iō, an active volcano shrouded in clouds of steam and sulphur, where you will be able to walk about and explore the lower slopes.

You will finally be taken by private coach to your hotel, which is famous for its invigorating hot spring baths. For dinner there will be a delicious seafood platter buffet, including a local delicacy of crab legs – the pride of the hotel.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Hotel Shiretoko or similar

Hotel Hotel Shiretoko or similar


After enjoying a buffet breakfast in your hotel, you will be taken by private coach past the idyllic coastal views of Cape Puyuni to the Shiretoko Five Lakes Viewing Platform, an elaborate suspended wooden walkway which snakes between the beautiful Shiretoko mountains and lakes. The private coach will then head to Utoro Port, where the party will embark on an exciting sightseeing boat cruise of the Shiretoko Peninsula, the best way to see its rugged and dramatic coastline. If you are lucky, you may even see a wild bear or a dolphin!

For lunch, Japanese-style bento will be provided. After your return to port, your private coach will take you nearby for a short walking tour to see the Furepe Falls. You will be accompanied by an English speaking nature guide to see these mysterious falls, also known as “Otome’s Tears.”

Finally, your private coach will take you to your hotel, which boasts a hot spring, and where for dinner you can enjoy a freshly made (and with a performance from the kitchen!) Western style buffet.

As optional tours, you may also elect to visit the Tsubetsu observatory at night to see the starry night skies, or in the morning, for the sea of clouds – both of which are unforgettably beautiful views.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Kussharo Prince Hotel or similar

Hotel Kussharo Prince Hotel or similar


After breakfast at your hotel, depart by private coach to Odaitō Port, where you will embark on a pleasure cruise, cutting through Notsuke Bay, and taking you to Todawara Pier, the entry point to the secluded nature reserve that is Notsuke Peninsula, a paradise of birds all year round, and home to an eerie forest of fossilised fir trees. This location is particularly popular with photographers. There will also be time to visit the Notsuke Peninsula Nature Centre.

For lunch you will enjoy the popular Japanese delicacy that is salmon and salmon roe on a bed of rice.

Afterwards, the tour will continue on by private coach on to Nosappu Cape, the most Easterly point of Japan, where the waters of the Pacific meet the Sea of Okhotsk, and the nearby islands controlled by Russia are merely 3.7km away. The lighthouse there, the oldest in Hokkaido, built in 1870, also houses a museum on local wildlife and history. All attendees will receive a commemorative certificate to show that they have reached Japan’s most easterly point.

After this, the group will travel by coach to Akkeshi for a wonderful seafood barbeque at the Akkeshi Taste Terminal. The feast will include fresh local oysters, mackerel pike, scallops, and fatty salmon.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Kushiro Prince Hotel

Hotel Kushiro Prince Hotel


After breakfast, a private coach will travel to the Kushiro Marshland National Park, where the group can enjoy a guided tour. This park is particularly famous for preserving over 1,000 of the endangered Japanese Crane, which can be seen year-round.

The tour then continues onto the Kushiro Marshland Norokko Train – the slowest train in Japan, and with absolutely the best panoramic views of the Kushiro Marshlands.

Finally, the group will be taken by private coach to either Memanbetsu, Nakashitsu, or Kushiro Airport for a connecting flight onto Narita airport.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel

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