• English speaking assistant at Naha airport to assist with collecting your rental car
  • 4 days to explore Naha island in your own time by Rent-a-car
  • 3 nights in the fantastic Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel with breakfast
  • On the second evening, the hotel will provide a special buffet dinner



Fly into Naha airport on a flight of your choice to suit your schedule. An English-speaking assistant will meet you in the arrival lobby and assist you with collecting your rent-a-car.

Once you’re ready to go, the world is your oyster. Head straight to UNESCO World Heritage site, Shuri Castle*, which is a quick 20 minute drive from Naha Airport. The castle, which was built originally in 1300, sits atop a hill, so there are great views of Naha. There is much to explore, including the giant Shureimon Gate, the grand plaza, and the lavishly decorated Seiden, or Main Hall. You can take a tour of the inside of the Seiden, which tells the history of Okinawa, and contains many historical artefacts. After Shuri castle, jump back in the car and head to your hotel to check in. Once that’s done, why not head to the beach? Right next door to the hotel is Zanpa Beach, which is known for its stunning views of the setting sun. There are lots of fun beach activities to do, including snorkelling, or climbing to the top of the lighthouse, and there are a few cafes nearby too.

For dinner, why not try the nearby Oki Seafood Restaurant? It’s famous with the locals for its mouth-watering fried butter fish, but it also serves delicious sushi as well.

*Due to fire damage, part of the area (including main castle) is temporarily closed.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel or similar

Hotel Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel or similar


After a hearty buffet breakfast at your hotel, for your first full day in Okinawa, why begin by driving to Cape Manzamo? The drive is along the coast, with lots of sandy beaches, and great views. Cape Manzamo itself is one of the most popular scenic destinations in all of Okinawa. It is well known for its striking rock formation, which looks like a statuesque elephant charging into the sea. Next, hop back in the car, and drive to Kouri Island. Kouri Island is famous for its charming sandy beaches with turquoise waters, and beautiful views. The bridge connecting Kouri to the mainland, at 2,000m long, affords great views of the emerald green sea, and is also quite an incredible feat of engineering. For lunch, why not stop at L Lota? It has great views, and is well known for its modern and stylish cuisine. You should book ahead to avoid disappointment.

After lunch, head back to the mainland, and on to the Tataki Falls for a bit of hiking. Part of the hike is through a shallow river, so appropriate footwear and clothing is recommended, but it is a pleasant hike, and the reward at the end is worth it – a stunning view of the Tataki Waterfall. If you bring your bathing suits, you can go swimming! If you still have energy after the hike, head over to the Churaumi Aquarium, which has one of the largest water tanks in the world. Set over 4 floors, and with total of 77 tanks, the Aquarium is truly overwhelming. The aquarium keeps 740 different species, including whale sharks, and manta rays, and has 77 types of coral.

On the second night, dinner will be a buffet at the hotel.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel or similar

Hotel Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel or similar


After breakfast, take a pleasant drive to the Ryukyu village, which is a quick 15 minutes’ drive from the hotel. There, you will find a traditional Okinawan village preserved from 100s of years ago. There are musical performances, a pottery studio and shop, and you can even take lessons in learning how to play traditional Okinawan music. After this, take a drive down south to Naha, to explore the Makishi Market and Kokusai Dori. Makishi Market is an open air market, and is where all the local people go to do their grocery shopping. There are more than 150 stores that sell Okinawan products like seafood, vegetables, fruits, meat, processed food, and condiments. It is an excellent place to pick up souvenirs. It is also very near to Kokusai Dori, a busy thoroughfare in the middle of Naha which is packed with shops and restaurants. For lunch, you could try Yuunangii, which is well known for serving traditional Okinawan food, including goya, stewed pork, and umibudo ( or “sea grapes”).

Finally, get back in the car and drive 15 minutes to the Underground Naval Base, a sombre reminder of the tragedy of the Battle of Okinawa. The 450 meter tunnel complex was built in 1944 and served as an underground headquarters during the Battle of Okinawa. It is the site where Rear Admiral Ota and his men fought desperately to the end on 13 June, 1945. Today, you can view the commanding officer’s room and the operations room as it was during the battle. Also the tunnels, constructed with only hoes and picks, are still exist in their original condition.

For dinner, which not try Tubaraama in Naha? There, along with Okinawan cuisine, you can enjoy a show of traditional Okinawan music and dance. A perfect way to spend your final evening.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel or similar

Hotel Okinawa Zanpa-Misaki Royal Hotel or similar


After breakfast, hop in the car, and head straight to UNESCO World Heritage site, Nakagusuku Castle. Built in 15th century by the legendary Ryukyuan commander, Gosamaru, the castle now lies in ruins, though these are well preserved, and the castle’s schematics, divided into multiple citadels can still clearly be recognized. There are also lovely views of the surrounding area and Nakagusuku Bay. If you have time, you could also visit the nearby Nakamurake, a beautiful, traditional Okinawan residence which has been preserved from the 18th century.

Finally, drive to Naha Airport, which is only 30 minutes away, return your rental car, and board your return flight.

Meal Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel

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