Guide & Assistant Services

Guide & Assistant Services


    Available 365 days a year, our friendly guide & assistant services is the perfect solution for stress-free travel in Japan.

    With dedicated offices in Japan’ s six major airports, we can quickly handle and adjust to any flight schedule changes. Your highly experienced assistant will be waiting to greet you at the arrival lobby no matter what. They can assist with documentation, train or bus ticket purchases, currency exchange, SIM card and WiFi rentals, and redeeming Japan Rail Pass vouchers.


    Our guide & assistant services are available at major train stations in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Fukuoka. We can assist you with changing trains and transferring between stations. Forwarding us your itinerary in advance will provide us with all the necessary details to ensure a quick and easy train station experience. Our staff will greet you on the platform and then guide you to your next transit point, whether it’s taking you to the right bus stop, hailing a taxi, or guiding you to airport shuttle bus terminal.


    The battery-powered Travel Earphone is a portable digital communication device. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, such as at art galleries, museums, temples, manufactories visit, outdoor activities, conferences and seminars. Typically, there will be one microphone for the guide, and the holiday group will be given earphones with which to listen. They are preferred in noisy areas where it is hard to hear, or where it might be preferable for the guide not to have to shout so the whole group can hear, in a temple for example.


Whether you have an enquiry or would like to send us some feedback, we'd be delighted to hear from you by phone, email and contact form below. We, Hankyu Travel International Europe UK Ltd, is a destination management company which exclusively provides services to travel agencies, so please note that we do not provide our services to private customers.

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