The safety of our customers and employees is paramount to us.  We are adopting all the necessary safety measures and recommendations, and working with our chosen service providers – for example, hotels, restaurants and transports who are complying with the relevant authorities’ regulations to reduce exposure to and transmission of a range of infectious illnesses.

Our Measures to ensure you stay safe

Our Chosen Service Providers

We have carefully selected our service providers (including hotels, restaurants and transports) who we know are adhering to the safety guidelines as directed by the Japanese authorities.  

Our Chosen Hotels – Selection Standard:

  • During check-in and check-out, appropriate measures are effected for adequate social distancing and to prevent possible transmission of infectious illnesses (including air-born or other transmission).
  • At restaurants and other communal areas (including communal baths/spas), adequate social distancing measures (e.g. time slot allocation, user number limit) are effected.
  • Hygiene regulations are adhered to and hand sanitisers are placed at entrances.     
  • All hotel workers wear appropriate face masks, and encourage all guests to do the same.
  • All rooms and communal areas are clean and disinfected, and well-ventilated.

Our Chosen Restaurants – Selection Standard:

  • Hygiene regulations are adhered to and hand sanitisers are placed at entrances and in the lavatories.
  • All restaurant workers wear appropriate face masks, and encourage all guests to do the same whenever possible.
  • Adequate social distancing measurements are applied and the distance between each table be kept at least one meter (ideally two meters).
  • Tables and other restaurant fixtures are kept clean and disinfected between each booking.
  • Individual meals are served (rather than shared platters).
  • The dining spaces are well-ventilated.

Making You Coach Travel Safer

  • All coaches will be disinfected before boarding and  hand sanitiser stations  will be available on board for customer use.
  • Enhanced health screening on coach crew. No crew will be working or on board if he or she is deemed unwell.
  • All crew will wear face masks and wash their hands frequently.
  • All coaches will be well-ventilated (via windows or other air induction/inlets).

Safe Sightseeing

  • On our itineraries we will only include the venue/sites where adequate social distancing and other preventative measures are ensured.
  • We will ensure that all workers at indoor venues will wear face masks and encourage customers to do the same.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available at entrances and adequate social distancing is ensured.
  • In guided tours, we use our reasonable endeavours to provide you with a suitable portable audio receiver where possible for you to have adequate social distancing.
  • Each venue/site visit will be given a longer time so that adequate social distancing may be feasible, and you will have more free time in your itineraries.

Tour Conductors

  • Your tour conductors’ health will be regularly screened, and their body temperature will be checked every day for a fortnight before accompanying your tour.
  • If your tour conductor falls ill before or during your travel, a substitute will be arranged where necessary.
  • Your tour conductors will wear a face mask and wash their hands frequently.

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Our Requests to Customers

Before your departure in your home country

  • Please let us know if you suffer a high temperature, breathing difficulties, fatigue, and/or loss of smell/taste during the fortnight before your departure.
  • Please cooperate with your tour guides when they ask you to check your body temperature on a daily basis and to complete your health check sheets.
  • You may be refused to travel if you have a high temperature reading of 37.5C or above, or if you show any symptom of any infectious decease.

This policy was published on 1 December 2019 and last updated on 1 December 2019.
We may change this policy from time to time.

Whist travelling in Japan

  • Please sanitise your hands and wear a face mask, and keep a safe distance from other people.
    * To avoid heatstroke, you should consider taking your face mask off outdoors from time to time.
  • Please keep hydrated and drink water regularly.
  • Please note that no food or drink will be allowed whilst travelling on coach. Also please keep your voice down on coach and indoors.
  • In order to ensure adequate social distancing and avoid possible transmission, you should always carry your own luggage.  When taking photo, you should not ask others to assist you or touch your devices.
  • Please bring your own face masks and other infection prevention items (such as  disinfectant wipes). Hand sanitiser will not be provided except as mentioned above.


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