Tokyo Sky Tree & Sushi

This walking tour offers the best views of the metropolis from Tokyo Sky Tree’s Tembo Galleria 450m above ground level. Lunch is included – 20 kinds of sushi, all you can eat within 40 minutes.

Asakusa Places of Worship

On this half-day walking tour, you will visit three major places of worship in Tokyo: Sensoji Temple, its largest Buddhist temple; Asakusa Shrine, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the founders of Sensoji; and Zenizuka Jizodo, a shrine dedicated to business success. Lunch is included: Fukagawameshi, a delicious stew of clam and miso, served over rice.

Sumo Wrestling

We offer you this unique chance to cheer on Japan’s most exciting sport during the sumo wrestling seasons of January, May and September. Lunch is included – 20 kinds of sushi, all you can eat within 40 minutes.

Kojo Moe –
“Factory Fascination”

Kojo Moe, which means literally “factory fascination” is all the rage in Japan right now. This two hour evening cruise showcases the beautiful side of heavy industry, offering stunning otherworldly views of the factories on the Tokyo bay, and the uplifting sight of the airplanes taking off and landing at Haneda Airport.

Dinner Cruise

This traditional Japanese pleasure boat, its floor covered by tatami mats, allows you to enjoy authentic Edo-style food and drink, while contemplating the astonishing night views of the Tokyo bay. Unlimited drinks are included.


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